The conference will be held in ENIM’s buildings, at 1 Rue d’Ars Laquenexy, Metz Technopole, from 29 to 31 October 2017. Metz has been chosen to organize this event for the first time in Europe because of the successful collaboration between ENIM and the University of Sciences and Technology of Nanjing. It should be noted that both partners have initiated in China the 8th Sino-French Engineering School of Nanjing. Also, it should be noted that LCOMS is the main scientific research lab organizer and partner of the event. Additional international scientific sponsors will be invited to support the event.


Metz is a beautiful town in northeastern France, wearing its many layers of history gracefully. Its original site was already fortified in 110 BC, by a Celtic tribe called the Mediomatrici. Now Metz is a modern city dotted with the new Pompidou Center, the Mettis and the TGV train allowing to reach Paris in 1h20.


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